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Circle LMS
One-Stop Solution
to Streamline
Equipment Operator Training

Circle LMS is the ultimate solution for all your equipment operator training needs. Our platform offers an all-in-one solution, handling the entire training process from onboarding to certification. With our innovative approach, we strive to revolutionize the way equipment operator training is conducted, ensuring that your team is trained to perform at their best.

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What Clients Say

"I explored what feels like countless LMS platforms on the path to finding one that served both the internal and external facing parts of our training program. CircleLMS stood out because it didn’t feel like a SaaS as much as it did a technology partner. They strived to make sure the platform suited ALL of our needs." Sharif Salama @Vigilant EHS

One unified platform, endless possibilities

Are you juggling between multiple tools in your training routine, feeling exhausted from manual efforts? Say goodbye to the complexities of managing tools and manual training tasks. Let Circle LMS expertly handle all aspects of your training, freeing up your valuable time.

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Explore the comprehensive offerings of Circle LMS, encompassing every aspect from the initiation to the completion of your equipment operator training journey.


Create an Online Course for Learning and Study

With Circle LMS, you initiate the process by crafting engaging online courses tailored to your industry's needs. This initial step allows new workers to learn and study at their own pace, establishing a robust foundation before the onsite exam. Circle LMS accommodates a diverse range of formats—PDFs, PowerPoint slides, videos, audio, etc.—for course creation. Moreover, you have the option to seamlessly integrate quizzes into the courses to assess learners' understanding.

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Schedule Onsite Exam with In-Person Courses Management

Efficiently manage the scheduling of onsite exams with Circle LMS's in-person courses management. Circle offers seamless features, including waitlist registration, automated enrollment, digital attendance sheets, automated reminders and calendar integration, ensuring a hassle-free scheduling process.


Conduct Onsite Skill Assessment 

On the test date, Circle employs digital attendance sheets to electronically record and manage attendance, eliminating the need for manual paper-based systems. Additionally, QR code scanning is utilized for efficient and swift attendance tracking onsite.

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One of the designs of Circle LMS's certificates.


Set Expiration Date for Recertification Alerts

Stay ahead of certification requirements by utilizing Circle LMS to set expiration dates. The platform notifies students in advance when recertification is due, guaranteeing continuous compliance and reducing the risk of oversight.


Students Pass Exam, Certificates Auto-Issued and Emailed

Once learners successfully pass the onsite exam, Circle LMS takes care of the next steps. The platform automatically issues certificates and promptly emails them to the students, eliminating delays and ensuring a swift acknowledgment of their achievements.

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Circle LMS, with over 17 years of compliance training experience, is perfect for industries and companies where safety is a top priority, and compliance standards are crucial requirements.

Experience More Powerful Features with Circle LMS

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Badge Management

Exceptional Quality

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Effortless Progress Management
Comprehensive Assessment Tools
Sell your training courses
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Personalized Support Team 

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