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Onboard your employees, build your online school, coach your customers.  Your all-in-one solution, Circle LMS


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No matter what mission you're embarking on, rest assured that we have you completely covered, offering unwavering support and tailored solutions to help you achieve your goals with absolute confidence.

Employee Training System

Seamless Onboarding
Assignment Intelligence
Compliance Tracking

Customer Training System

Payment Integration
Group Sales

Online, Live, Virtual

Online School

Get Started within minutes
Custom Branding

Course Variety

More Powerful Features

Multi-Language Settings
Captivating UI
Insightful Analytics


Why Choose Circle LMS?


Years in the LMS Space


Years in IT Consulting

200K +

Satisfied Users Worldwide


Course Completions


Languages Supported

See It For Yourself

Captivating UI

Circle Online Management System provides a stunning UI to engage your learnings. In this live course, students can choose among different offerings and enroll or waitlist.

We transform training into an engaging and invigorating experience, banishing all notions of daunting complexity.

Circle external training system provides this stunning group portal for PO Account managers or group managers to manager their groups.

Transform Your Training Experience with Circle

Circle LMS was founded in 2005 with a noble mission: to empower the workforce and enable them to achieve their full potential. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we have emerged as the unrivaled leader in all-in-one learning management solutions, trusted by Fortune 100 industry titans.

Our journey has been defined by relentless innovation, resulting in a cutting-edge, fully integrated, and highly scalable learning management system meticulously crafted to unleash the untapped potential within your workforce. By embracing the transformative capabilities of Circle LMS, you open the doors to a realm of invaluable insights that propel productivity to unprecedented heights and elevate your organization's bottom line to new frontiers of success. 

We Play Well with Others

Hear from our customers

"I explored what feels like countless LMS platforms on the path to finding one that served both the internal and external facing parts of our training program. CircleLMS stood out because it didn’t feel like a SaaS as much as it did a technology partner. They strived to make sure the platform suited ALL of our needs."

Sharif Salama
Head of Business & Product Development @ Vigilant EHS

A Trusted Partner to Enterprises Worldwide

Our clients trust us to deliver quality service that fits their diverse needs.

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