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Badge Management 

Maximize the power of Circle's comprehensive Badge Management capabilities to effortlessly boost the credibility of your courses. Empower your students with badges that recognize their achievements, setting yourself apart from competitors and establishing your expertise. With Circle LMS, you have all the tools you need for seamless badge creation.

Custom Digital Badges 

You can create and award digital badges, recognizing specific achievements or milestones achieved by your students. These badges serve as compelling visual symbols of accomplishment that students can proudly showcase on their profiles. 

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Your Own Badge Design 

You can choose your own badge design, making it more fun and special. Personalizing badges adds an extra layer of excitement and motivation to the learning journey. 

Recognizing Achievements 

Whether it's mastering a specific skill, completing a course, or achieving significant participation levels, students will see their progress captured and rewarded. Infusing gamification into the learning process and fostering healthy competition is the ultimate way to make learning fun and exciting. 


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Badge Management

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