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Circle External Training System for B2B Course Retailing

Welcome to Circle Customer Training System

B2B Course Retailing - Revolutionized!

PO Accounts, handled

Experience unrivaled flexibility with our groundbreaking solution that effortlessly manages both PO Account and Upfront group purchases, providing unparalleled control and adaptability in the market. Train now and invoice later, streamlining the procurement operations between you and your customers.

Circle external training system can host both PO Accounts and group purchase
Circle external training sytem with seamless checkout process

Seamless Checkout

Powered by our integrated payment gateway, ensures a hassle-free and efficient payment experience, allowing customers to effortlessly complete their transactions with ease.

Circle supports SCORM, Virtual, HTML and In-person training formats

Flexible Learning Delivery

Our platform empowers course sellers by offering captivating self-paced online courses, dynamic in-person training, and convenient virtual classrooms to meet all your needs.

Insightful Analytics

With our robust tracking and reporting capabilities, you gain the power to effortlessly monitor sales, enabling you to make informed, data-driven decisions with ease and confidence.

Circle has comprehensive and insightful analytics
Circle can be easily scaled to fit your needs

Limitless Possibilities​

You are not confined by any boundaries. Our platform evolves alongside your organization's ever-changing needs, working hand in hand with you to develop innovative solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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