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Circle internal training system

Your AI-Powered Employee Training Solution

From Onboarding, SOP, Compliance to Up-skilling and Certification - Everything You Need for Employee Enrichment.

Circle internal training system seamless onboarding


The employee onboarding process has been made seamlessly through HR data feed integrations or easy-to-use bulk import.

Personalized Learning Paths

Circle offers an extensive range of tools and features specifically designed to empower you in creating highly engaging and customized learning experiences for every user. Take full control of the learning process and harness the power of Circle's versatile toolkit.

Circle offers personalized learning paths
Circle supports divers training formats, including SCORM, Virtual, HTML course builder and In-person

Flexible Learning Delivery

Whether you prefer the flexibility of online self-paced courses, the engaging interactions of in-person training, or the convenience of virtual classrooms, we have you covered. 

Insightful Analytics

Our powerful tracking and reporting capabilities empower you to effortlessly monitor compliance, ensuring that your organization stays on top of regulatory requirements. 

Circle offers various insightful reports
Circle is flexible and customizable

Limitless Possibilities​

You are not confined by any boundaries. Our platform evolves alongside your organization's ever-changing needs, working hand in hand with you to develop innovative solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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