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Powerful Features in Circle LMS

Unlock the full potential of your online education platform with our powerful features.

Progress Tracking  

Circle's built-in progress tracking feature goes beyond merely recording learners' progress within each course. It serves as a valuable tool to monitor completion rates, grades, and overall student engagement. The system's bookmarking functionality ensures that learners can resume their learning journey right from where they left off. Additionally, learners benefit from an intuitive interface that allows them to visualize their progress, track completed modules or lessons, and establish personal learning milestones. By leveraging Circle's Progress Tracking feature, educational progress becomes transparent and real-time, providing actionable insights for instructors and students alike. 

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Captivating UI 

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Circle LMS transforms the traditional learning experience into an engaging and visually appealing cinematic adventure. Drawing inspiration from popular streaming services, the user interface features large, eye-catching thumbnails that instantly capture attention. Organized into categorized rows for easy exploration, the platform utilizes horizontal scrolling for efficient navigation through its extensive content library. Each course and learning materials are presented in a way that feels as exciting as selecting the latest Blockbuster movie to watch! 

Check out our blog to learn more about the stunning dashboard: From Boring Courses to Blockbuster Hits: Circle LMS Transforms Learning into a Cinematic Experience

Insightful Analytics 

​Circle’s robust analytics capabilities allow you to delve into detailed sales data, gaining a clear understanding of transaction value, customer behavior, popular courses, and peak sales periods. With Circle's sales analytics, you can make informed decisions, maximize sales potential, and thrive in the digital marketplace. 

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Multi-Language Settings 

Circle offers an extensive range of language options that cater to the diverse linguistic needs of a global audience. Beyond interface translation and seamless language switching feature for users, Circle allows you to craft courses with multiple language variants, providing an inclusive and accessible educational environment for your students worldwide. 

Dedicated Support Team 

At Circle LMS, our dedicated support team is your reliable partner, providing prompt, expert, and personalized assistance tailored to your needs. Our wide-ranging support services cover inquiries, usage issues, bug fixes, troubleshooting, configuration assistance, and more. Whether navigating the application or seeking content creation guidance, we're here for you. 

Ample resources like tutorials, FAQs, and documentation are readily available for independent platform navigation. We also offer tailored assistance by understanding the unique demands of your creative process. We're dedicated to not only providing a platform but also to helping you grow your business and amplify the spread of your wisdom! For any assistance, you can email us at

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Exceptional Quality

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Multi-language Settings
Personalized Support Team 

Start Your 30-Day Free Trial Now

Try Circle LMS for free with no credit cards required, and discover the surprises that await you.

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