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Circle LMS

Learning, Made For You.

A Personal Learning Experience for Everyone

Circle LMS uses cutting-edge technology to automate the assignment process, providing training that is custom-fit to every learner.


To ensure successful outcomes every step of the way, Circle LMS provides you with comprehensive manager dashboards, robust compliance tracking features, and detailed course creator tools. With these advanced e-learning tools, Circle LMS makes it easy to design perfect-fitting training programs, thoroughly evaluate performance, and foster a culture of continuous growth to help your people thrive.

Bridging the Gap Between Training and Performance

Inadequate training can cost you significant financial losses, decreased performance, and poor communication amongst your organization. Circle LMS deploys the most efficient training possible to save you money and fuel successful outcomes for your team.

Strengthen Communication

Circle LMS boosts communication for your network to guide them towards achievement.

Create Memorable Learning Experiences

Circle LMS uses AI to provide your employees with the most relevant training, ensuring greater retention of information.

Celebrate Growth

Circle LMS makes it easy to track your organization’s growth through real-time compliance data.

Bringing Experience and Reliability to E-Learning


Over 21 Years of Learning Excellence

Circle LMS is committed to innovation. We have spent over 21 years developing the most advanced technology to create the optimal learning experience for your users. With decades of expertise in the e-learning industry, we are confident that we are the best choice to fuel your company’s success.

Circle LMS Cares

We care about your company’s success and we are committed to helping you achieve it. We carefully adapt our product to meet the unique needs of every client, giving us the flexibility to serve customers both large and small. At Circle LMS, no request is out of our reach.


Learning Management, the Smart Way

Circle LMS utilizes artificial intelligence to bring you smart learning management. Our system transforms “rules-based” assignment mechanisms into a dynamically responsive framework, ensuring that training is custom-fit to every learner.

Unlimited Customization

Circle LMS is an open integration platform, allowing for interoperability between countless other applications, with adherence to industry standards. Our integration capabilities create unlimited potential for customization.


A Trusted Partner to Large Enterprises

Circle LMS is a trusted partner to some of the largest enterprises in the world. With years of experience and a strong commitment to our clients, Circle LMS delivers the most trustworthy and reliable service in the industry. And we are eager to help your company grow too.

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