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Ready to offer professional certification programs? Unleash the potential with Circle LMS!

Picture yourself as the Institute for Creative Careers, offering a 10-week Graphic Design Boot Camp that equips individuals with essential skills, resources, and certifications necessary to thrive in their professional journeys.

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Each week, you offer curriculums that explore different aspects of graphic design, like design principles, software proficiency, and creative techniques. Circle LMS supports the blend of online courses, live classes, assignments, assessments, and office hours to ensure a comprehensive learning experience. Upon completing the 10-week program, participants earn industry-aligned certifications, showcasing their acquired skills and commitment.

Now let's delve into the diverse mix of courses and learning opportunities that can be packaged into each week’s curriculum!


Flexible Online Training

Use Circle's online course builder to design courses dedicated to fundamental concepts and theories of graphic design. With built-in bookmarking features, students have the freedom to navigate modules at their own pace, accessing courses anytime, anywhere. Elevate their experience with a rich blend of multimedia contents, including text, images, audio clips, videos, and interactive elements, ensuring a captivating introduction to the dynamic world of design.

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Live Seminars and Workshops

Elevate your program with live seminars that bring industry expertise directly to students. Circle LMS takes the hassle out of event management by seamlessly scheduling both in-person and virtual seminars, effortlessly managing class size, and precisely tracking enrollment and attendance. 
Leverage the live classroom features in various impactful ways. Invite seasoned professionals and guest speakers to impart real-world knowledge, industry trends, and valuable insights to students. Foster active participation through Q&A sessions and discussions. Facilitate hands-on workshops led by experienced mentors, providing students with practical tips to refine their resumes and build impressive portfolios.


One-on-One Mentorship and Career Consultation

Connect students with experienced mentors through personalized one-on-one sessions. Circle LMS helps you organize weekly office hours to provide homework assistance, career consultation, and targeted guidance. Calendar integrations and automated reminders ensure participants are well-prepared for upcoming sessions.

Classmates in the Library
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Community Portal for Peer Discussion and Support

Utilize Circle LMS’s community portal to cultivate a dynamic community, providing a dedicated online space for peer-to-peer interaction, knowledge sharing, and support. The discussion forum within the portal promotes ongoing collaboration, idea exchange, and connection among graphic design enthusiasts, extending dialogue beyond class time to ensure that no student embarks on their journey alone.


Homework Assignments

Each week, assign students with creative homework exercises designed to challenge their capabilities and refine their practical skills. With Circle LMS, instructors can set clear due dates to create a structured learning pace. The platform automatically tracks student submissions and progress, providing valuable insights for instructors and ensuring an efficient feedback process. 



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Supporting Documents, Syllabus, and Resources

Provide easy access to course materials, syllabi, and supporting documents through Circle LMS's digital library. Lecture notes, reference materials, and portfolio templates are just a click away, available for download at any time.


Professional Certifications

Recognize dedication and accomplishments through Professional Certification Diploma. Circle LMS offers a variety of certificate designs and templates, allowing you to personalize the acknowledgment. The automation of certificate generation based on customizable criteria ensures a streamlined and efficient process. With Circle's comprehensive certificate tools, you can confidently establish authority, motivate learners, and help them stand out in the competitive job market with a tangible testament to their skills and commitment.

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Surveys/Feedback Forms

Finally, encourage students to contribute to program improvement through Circle LMS's user-friendly survey tools. Diverse question types facilitate comprehensive feedback for continuous enhancement, making the educational journey more tailored, effective, and enriching for all. 

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Try Circle LMS for free with no credit cards required, and discover the surprises that await you.

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Experience More Powerful Features with Circle LMS

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Start Your 30-Day Free Trial Now

Try Circle LMS for free with no credit cards required, and discover the surprises that await you.

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