Circle - A Learning Management System Made Just For You

More Than Just A Learning Management System

Circle is an integrated learning and development platform that enables you to thoroughly assess the needs of each individual employee, design training programs made especially for them, carefully evaluate their performance, and provide them with personal feedback to help them flourish. Circle automates knowledge distribution and talent management processes, allowing for customizable training that perfectly fits each learner.

Bridging the Gap Between Training and Performance

Ineffective application of learned skills, unsatisfactory communication between managers and employees, and financial losses caused by inadequate training are among the biggest issues that companies report in regards to job training. At Circle, we aim to solve these issues and enable your company to excel.

Encourage Collaboration

Circle supplies you with management tools to communicate with your employees and coach them towards achievement. 

Create Memorable and Valuable Learning Experiences

Circle’s assignment intelligence ensures that your employees will retain the information they learn by presenting them with the training most relevant to them.

Celebrate Growth

Keep track of your organization’s growth through Circle’s progress report features. 

Bringing Experience, Passion, and Reliability to Learning Management

Fueling Training Success For Over Thirteen Years

At Circle, we are devoted to innovation. We have dedicated more than thirteen years to perfecting our product and developing expertise in our industry. With many years of experience and growth, we are confident that we are the best choice to fuel your company’s success. 

Circle Cares

We care about your company’s success and we are committed to helping you achieve it. We carefully adapt our product to meet the unique needs of every client, giving us the flexibility to serve customers both large and small. At Circle, no request is out of our reach.

Learning Management, the Smart Way

Circle utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform “rules-based” assignment mechanisms into a dynamically responsive learning framework, ensuring that employees receive only relevant and necessary training that will help their performances grow.

Open Interoperability

Circle is an open integration platform, allowing for interoperability between numerous other applications, with adherence to industry standards. Circle’s integration capabilities enable virtually limitless possibility for collaboration. 

A Trusted Partner to Large Enterprises

Circle is a trusted partner to one of the largest enterprises in the world. With our passion for excellence and dedication to our clients, Circle delivers the most trustworthy and reliable service in the industry, proven to strengthen performance and boost profitability. Circle is eager to help your company grow, too. 

Circle's features support simple and complex training scenarios

Certification management
Compliance training management
Continuing education
Task management
Surveys with statistical analysis
Location-based training assignment
Enterprise training paths planning
Register/waitlist capabilities
Calendar (iCal) integrations
Document manager
Badge check-in
Multiple section management
Post-class grading
HTML designer
Photo uploads
Video uploads
PDF uploads
SCORM imports
Multilingual versions
Photo uploads
Video uploads
PDF uploads
Feedback module
Evaluation forms
Survey statistic reports
Substitute courses
Mass assignment/mass un-assignment
Organization assignment
Conditional assignment
Location-based assignment
Locations and multilingual
Automatic nagging
Hidden default answers
Customizable completion and compliance reports
Detailed manager dashboards
Expiration email reminders
Time-sensitive course assignment notifications
New course alerts
Upcoming class offering alerts
Expiration and grace period management
Up-report to direct managers
Audit trail for all course-related actions (ready to store course history for 30+ years per OSHA requirements)
Easy training assignment using drag and drop controls
Overview of user/organization statistics
Organizational charts
Multi-level drill down capability for viewing direct reports
Manual grouping
Auto-group assignments
Course URL and embedment of links
Single sign-on
LDAP/direct feed
Calendar (iCal)
External course API (e.g. completions)
Cross platform
Document management
Learning record storage
Email campaign management
Region management
Support module
Dynamic roles
Organization chart
FAQ management
Record merging
Secretive training
Payment gateway

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