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What is employee training?

Your company’s success begins at the roots of your organization––your employees! Adequate training is the precursor to all strong performances. Circle gives you the tools to build a strong foundation in your employee base, allowing for rippling growth into the rest of your organization. Circle makes it simple to determine your employees’ training needs, assess performance, and streamline your employees’ training to maximize engagement and productivity.

Why it’s important

Keeps Employees Informed

Employee training ensures that your organization’s workforce will be informed and in sync.

Emboldens Your Employees

Well-educated employees who are proficient in their skills are more likely to contribute stronger performance. 

Improves Employee Performance

Your training programs should be valuable and give your employees the expertise to deliver their best work.

Unifies Your Organization

Cohesive training will keep your employees connected. Your organization will flourish with a harmonious workforce.

Why take your employee training online?

The basis of staff training and development is to get your people working better. Take your training online, and you’ll train your employees easier and get them back to work faster. And at a fraction of the cost of traditional training methods.

Why choose Circle

Automatic Training Assignment With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence makes it easy to start your employees on the right path of their training. Circle’s assignment intelligence system determines your employees’ training needs based on a brief survey about their roles at your company and then automatically assigns them to relevant training courses. This smart training assignment mechanism helps keep employees organized and aware. 

Multiple Integrations to Benefit All Learners

Circle accommodates different types of learners through various integrations. Whether your employees learn best through hands-on experience in a classroom setting or by direct online instruction, Circle has you covered. Circle makes it easy to access and enroll in both online and classroom courses from the same system. Circle also utilizes APIs that allow it to interface with other external courses outside of Circle’s system.

Interact With Your Employees

Stay on top of your employees’ performances with Circle’s Manager Dashboard tool. The Manager Dashboard allows you to view detailed reports on your employees’ progress as well as the organization’s progress as a whole. This tool also enables you to easily assign and un-assign training to employees, keeping you engaged with their progress.

Keep Track Of Your Organization’s Progress

Circle allows you to generate detailed progress reports with various parameters for viewing results. Circle’s report features give your users easy access to course completion, checklist completion, evaluation completion, and compliance status reports, keeping everyone in your organization up-to-date on their progress.

Create Perfectly Customized Courses

Circle’s course designer tool is equipped with an HTML designer, page design templates, photo, video, and PDF upload capabilities, SCORM import capabilities, certification management settings, and more. This tool allows you to create customized online courses and have control over your employees’ training.

Remove Barriers With Multilingual Settings

Circle gives you the power to take your training global with its multilingual capabilities. Circle allows you to create course versions in over fifteen different languages, helping to eliminate barriers between different regions and keep all of your employees on the same page, no matter where they are. 

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