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What is onboarding training?

At Circle, we believe that a welcoming environment is crucial to a successful career. The employee onboarding process should foster inclusivity and encouragement, while also making your employee’s expectations and responsibilities abundantly clear from the start. Circle provides you with all the tools you need to ensure that your employees transition into their new roles effortlessly.

Why it’s important

Transition Smoothly

Onboarding is an essential way to help your employees transition into their new roles with ease.

Creates Clarity

Efficient onboarding makes your new employees’ responsibilities clear and helps them to stay focused.

Improves Cohesion

The onboarding process helps assimilate new employees into their work with more experienced employees.

Ensures Productivity

When your employees feel confident and proficient in their skills, they will be able to work more productively.

Why take your onboarding online?

Employee onboarding deployed online is faster, simpler and more cost-effective than offline onboarding. New hires have access to relevant material from day one. And can re-access this content whenever they need to.

Why choose Circle

Training Assignment Made Easy With Artificial Intelligence

Circle’s survey system makes training assignment effortless. This feature utilizes artificial intelligence to determine which training courses are applicable to each employee and then automatically assigns them. This feature ensures that employees are only receiving the training they need, helping them to stay focused on their roles.

Help New Hires Adjust

Circle’s Manager Dashboard tool enables you to keep track of your employees’ progress and to assign and un-assign training where needed. Circle gives managers the ability to stay connected with new employees and adjust their training where needed, helping them adapt comfortably to their new environment. 

Manage Large Numbers of New Employees

Circle’s User Admin feature allows you to mass assign or un-assign training to all new hires. The User Admin feature also allows for efficient HR imports of new users’ data into the system, making it easy to manage large numbers of new employees.

Communicate Effectively

Keeping your new employees informed is crucial in the onboarding process. Circle provides users with email management and announcement notification tools that make communication with your employees quick and effective. Emails and announcements are fully customizable and available in a variety of different languages.

Create Custom Introductory Material

With Circle’s highly customizable course designer tool, you can create informative introductory training content for your new employees. This tool ensures that your introductory training programs will be consistent and perfectly matched to your employees’ needs.

Help Your Employees Advance

Circle supplies you with a number of progress report tools that enable you to view details of your employees’ training statuses. These reports allow you to assess new employees’ progress in an organized fashion and adjust their training plans accordingly to help them advance in their roles.

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