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What is customer training?

Educating your customers is crucial for effective utilization of your product. Circle ensures that your customers will be proficient users of your product through its customer training capabilities.

Why it’s important

Helps Your Customers Succeed

Customer education gives your customers the competence they need to utilize your product effectively. 

Ensures Customer Satisfaction

Strong customer training ensures satisfaction, which helps you to maintain a strong relationships.

Improves Your Brand Image

Strong relationships with your customers will create positive buzz and establish your brand’s credibility.

Expands Your Customer Base

Positive reviews from satisfied customers can help you expand your customer base and subsequently increase sales.

Why take your customer training online?

Take your training online for a superior customer experience. Customers have easy access to the right material whenever they need it. And your organization’s revenue will increase by eliminating costly printing, and reducing customer support interactions.

Why choose Circle

Personalized Training For All Customers

With Circle’s highly customizable course designer tool, you can create educational content for all different types of customers. Circle allows you to modify your training courses to teach your customers everything they need to know about your product.

Differentiate Your Training

With Circle, organizing your customer training is simple. You can create separate training programs for as many different customers as necessary and access them all from the same location.

Serve Customers in Any Region

Circle is equipped to support hundreds of thousands of customers, from all over the globe. Circle’s region settings and multilingual capabilities allow you to adjust your training where needed to serve your customers in any location.

Guide Your Customers

Circle equips you with various report generating tools to help you monitor and evaluate your customers’ training progress. Circle also enables you to administer certifications to users who have achieved their course completion goals.

Keep Your Customers Informed

Circle provides you with a variety of compliance report metrics, allowing you to keep track of compliance statuses for individuals, organizations, and entire regions. This makes it easy to keep all of your customers in the know.

Conforms to Any Customer

Circle’s open integration capabilities make it highly adaptable. With Circle, you can integrate with countless other applications and adapt your training to fit any and all customers.

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