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What is Credeets?

Your talent base is the core of your organization’s success. When hiring new employees or assessing your existing workforce, you must be certain that they have the right skills for the job. Relevant and reliable credentials help you to quickly verify your candidates’ and employees’ experience and expertise. Credeets’ credential management system allows recruiters and managers to evaluate candidates’ qualifications to find the best fit for every job, and track existing employees’ credential data to ensure compliance on all levels of your organization. Credeets also provides a public platform for your employees to display their credentials, allowing you to showcase the expertise of your talent base.

Credeets at a Glance

Credentials You Can Trust

Credeets ensures that credentials are trustworthy by directly integrating with certification providers. User credentials are automatically verified in near-real-time as they complete their requirements.

Discover Optimal Talent

With Credeets, the hiring process has never been easier! The Credeets resource database presents you with candidates whose skills, qualifications, and location best match your hiring criteria, ensuring that you find the best fit for every job.

Track Compliance With Ease

Credeets’ thorough compliance reporting capabilities can help keep your organization compliant with current industry standards and legal requirements. Credeets also implements a fully automated notification system to alert your employees of upcoming training and credential expirations.

Share Your Skills With the World

Credeets allows you to display your employees’ credentials on a public company profile to showcase your workforce’s competencies and boost your organization’s credibility. Your employees can also manage their own personal profile to share their skills!

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