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What is continuous training?

We believe that you are never fully done learning. No matter how far you advance in your career, your success always circles back to your education. Continuous training enables your employees to advance in their careers, which in turn is reciprocated in the success of your company.

Why it’s important

Improves Knowledge Retention

Continuous training refreshes your employees’ training knowledge periodically, ensuring higher retention of important information.

Drives Your Employees’ Performance

When employees are confident in their abilities and encouraged to advance, they are likely to deliver much stronger performance.

Improves Employee Efficiency

Continuous training helps your employees master their skills, which leads to high competency and increased efficiency in their work.

Strengthens Your Organization

Continuous training motivates your employees to deliver their best work. When your employees perform well, so does your organization.

Why take your continuous training online?

Amplify the benefits of continuous training by delivering your continuing education programs online. An effective professional growth plan for an organization can be costly. Moving it online reduces costs drastically and makes it easier to deploy and manage.

Why choose Circle

Leave A Lasting Impact on Your Employees

Continuous learning is necessary for career development. Circle provides you with all the tools you need to keep your employees engaged and inspired.

Limitless Integrations

Circle is an open integration platform, giving it the ability to connect and communicate with limitless other applications. Circle’s versatility allows you to take your continuous training in any direction you choose. 

Customize Continuous Training

You can create a series of courses to extend any training program with Circle’s Course Creation feature. These tools allow you to customize your continuous training to fit the needs of all your learners.

Maintain Engagement

Refresher courses are an essential part of continuous training. These courses keep your employees engaged in their training. Circle makes it easy to create and assign refresher courses through the Course Management feature.

Ensure Compliance

Meeting compliance requirements is an important part of continuous training. Circle’s Compliance Report generators allow you to view your employees’ progress in regards to their training completions.

Motivate Your Employees

You can award certification to employees when they complete their courses with Circle’s Certificate Management feature. Certificates can motivate your employees to continue their training and meet compliance requirements. Circle’s Certificate Management tool provides certificate templates and allows for easy customization.

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