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What is compliance training?

A coherent and productive company requires high levels of compliance. Circle’s thorough compliance report features offer precise data on the state of your employees’ adherence to regulatory requirements. With these tools, your company can be confident of its awareness and unity, allowing for minimization of risks and assurance of growth. 

Why it’s important

Protects Your Organization

Staying informed about important policies and regulations will protect your organization from legal risk.

Ensures Organizational Consistency

Compliance ensures that your employees are in tune with one another, which keeps your organization is harmonious.

Establishes Trust and Credibility

A compliant organization reflects trustworthiness and strong leadership, which boosts your organization’s image.

Keeps Your Employees Safe

Educating your employees about the possible risks they may face during their work keeps them attentive and safe.

Why take your compliance training online?

Take your training online for a value-based, cost-effective approach to compliance training. Online compliance training is easier to maintain, deploy and keep up-to-date. And it increases employee participation and motivation.

Why choose Circle

Motivate Your Employees

With Circle’s Course Creation tool, you can design courses that educate your employees on compliance standards and automatically assign them to all members of the organization, helping to keep your employees on the same page. 

Keep Your Organization Connected

With Circle's native mobile app, employees can complete compliance courses at their own pace. And from wherever they want (even on the go, or offline).

Necessitate Compliance With Course Expirations

Circle allows you to set expiration deadlines for certain courses. This requires your employees to retake certain courses before a set date, keeping them engaged in their learning and motivated to meet their compliance requirements in a timely manner.

Keep Knowledge Fresh

Circle’s Course Management feature allows you to assign refresher courses for certain curricula, encouraging your employees to retain important knowledge and upkeep their training. This contributes to strong compliance rates overall.

Email Management

Circle’s email management and announcement tools are helpful for communicating important regulation and policy updates to your employees. Circle makes communication with your employees easy and effective, allowing them to stay on top of their compliance requirements.

Reward Compliance

Motivate your employees to meet their compliance requirements by creating and assigning certificates for course completions. Circle’s Certificate Management tool provides certificate templates and allows for easy customization.

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