An Overview of Corporate Training

An Overview of Corporate Training

Corporate training focuses on continuous professional development.

Corporate training is a way to further educate your employees in order to enhance their current skills and performances.

Training programs are a necessity for most corporations, not only because of new employees, but also because of the changes that most positions are subjected to. Corporations use training to accommodate new employees, but also to teach current employees new things about their job and how it changes over time.

Nowadays, it is a known fact that corporations spend as much money on their training programs as the US spends on all of its educational institutions. Therefore, they expect to achieve a number of benefits, such as increased profits and improved employee recruitment – all of these benefits are supposed to be the consequences of an effective training program.

Three Types of Corporate Training

This type of additional employee education can be divided into three categories. The first category is the actual training, and its main focus is to teach new employees how to do their job properly and what exactly is expected from them. This technique is referred to as task-related instruction.

To measure the effectiveness of this subcategory of corporate training, the executive board has to carefully analyze the performance of the employees and see if there are any significant improvements. Another aspect that the board takes into consideration is time-effectiveness – more precisely, this refers to the amount of time that new employees need to reach good performance levels.

A second subcategory in the field of corporate training is position-education. The training program is especially developed to prepare certain employees for future positions. Generally speaking, only some of the employees that work in a corporation can benefit from such training. Position-education is given to employees that the executive board intends to promote.

Last, but not least, a third subcategory of corporate training is the actual development program. This training is developed and expected to teach employees general skills and techniques that they may require while working for that corporation. The acquired techniques do not apply to a certain job or position. However, they are considered to be useful because executive boards believe that employees have to know how the business works at a large scale.

Corporate training programs can be conducted in different ways. One of these ways is the well-known on-the-job training. Employees are being taught new skills as they perform their duties. On-the-job training is usually done by somebody from within the corporation.

Another way used by large corporation to professionally train their employees is by means of corporate universities. As the name implies, this type of training involves classroom teaching and educators who work for the sponsoring company usually perform it. Most of the times, these training programs are required to update the employees on the changes in a certain field of activity and often take the form of online corporate training programs or corporate training videos.

The company’s human resources department usually handles corporate training programs and determines what employees need improvement. Mostly, these programs are sponsored by the members of the executive board. In some cases corporate training consultants are brought in to advise on training needs and solutions. No matter how the training program is derived, one thing often remains the same: management of training courses and certifications can be cumbersome and difficult, leading to the need for a comprehensive training platform.

Important Take-Aways:

  • Corporations spend as much on training as the US spends on all its educational institutions.
  • Training is crucial to a company’s growth and well-being.
  • Training plays a key role in employee retention and development.
  • A comprehensive training platform can alleviate the issues associated with managing training courses in almost any size business.

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