Online Training Information

Online Training Information

New advances in technology make online training an increasingly viable and cost-effective training solution.

With a continually growing range of educational qualifications available via the web, teaching your staff the vital skills necessary for your business to progress and remain competitive has never been easier. The following are a few important considerations to take into account before you decide whether online training is the right choice for your organization:

Which Areas Of Training Are Most Important?

The first step, when establishing whether or not to use web-based training, is to assess the specific needs of your company. Consider which, if any, of the skills your employees require are appropriate to learn online. Some disciplines are better suited to an online environment than others, with subjects like IT, business skills, and engineering is among the most popular. Another factor to consider is whether individuals, multiple groups, or entire departments will need to be included. If you have many staff or a range of courses, you may wish to use a course management system.

Does Online Training Meet Your Goals?

Once you know which areas your staff need to improve in, it is important to establish exactly what outcomes you hope to achieve from the process. This can help you narrow down your choice from the many online training courses available. For example, improving IT is a popular and useful aim, but which area of IT specifically needs to be trained? Visual statistic displays, programming, or Microsoft Excel? Look carefully at the exact skills you hope your staff to have by the end, and search for a training program that matches.

How To Evaluate Possible Providers

It is not only deciding which skill is taught that matters but also how it is taught. Different online training providers will use different methods to transfer information, teach, and carry out assessments. They may also require varying levels of input, prior knowledge, and personal study time. Fortunately, most vendors offer a demo version of their course that can be used to establish its compatibility with your business beforehand.

Off-The-Shelf or Custom?

Another consideration is whether you should use off-the-shelf training courses or develop custom courses. With so many off-the-shelf courses available, covering many standard subjects this can be a cost-effective way to get your team trained. However, for some subjects, the benefits of a custom course specifically developed for you can outweigh those of the generic counterparts. Tailored to your company’s exact needs, custom courses often yield better results. A good trainer will develop a training course that delivers exactly what your team needs to learn in a format that suits the subject being covered.

About Circle Learning Management

The Circle Learning Management system offers trainers a comprehensive and easy to use online course management system. It can track and manage the training schedules and course progress of multiple staff based on the compliance rules of your industry. The system provides automatic updates on due dates, expiration of certification, and deadlines so that you are not left negotiating multiple databases and course information for these vital details. Circle Learning Management is fast and hassle-free way to make the most of online training.

To learn how Circle Learning Management can simplify your training management call us toll-free at 877-590-2677.