How Can Education Benefit Your Growing Business?

It is no secret that a large component of any successful career is ongoing education. What many companies fail to tap into is the importance of ongoing education for the success of their company.

Inc. magazine recently published an article, One Company’s Hiring Secret: Always Be Training in which they investigated the success behind a lucrative translation company, TransPerfect. Their business model is focused on using education to promote contact and cohesiveness among their employees. They have created what they like to consider a college-like atmosphere with energetic students who are eager to learn and move upward in the company, which has resulted in TransPerfect’s rapid expansion. By taking employee’s training needs into consideration and incorporating education into the workplace your business can thrive.

Circle Learning Management is among the most fully-integrated, easy-to-use and efficient training and certification systems on the market. It can help you incorporate this concept into your business. Our headquarters are in the San Francisco Bay Area, but our service extends worldwide.

Whether you are an organization looking for assistance in delivering and managing training, an environmental health and safety executive or attorney seeking ways of keeping up with compliance and certification requirements, or are a consultant or course developer, we are available to discuss how Circle Learning Management can help you.

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