Engage the Quiet Quitters

Developing employee engagement has never been more challenging. By now you’ve probably heard the term “quiet quitting.” Like any viral concept, its precise meaning is hard to pin down but it seems to be just another term for low employee engagement.


Corporate trainers are often been tasked with boosting employee engagement. And just as often, our hands are tied behind our backs by the limited range of options management gives us. Last week, I described a method for linking L&D efforts with recruitment efforts to boost overall ROI. Now we can layer in employee engagement.


An engaged employee is one who strongly feels that their work matters. This starts with understanding how their work fits into the organization’s overall operation. Again, I suggest creating a matrix. This time, start your company branding/onboarding overview course. But this time tack on a checklist survey that enables you to zero-in on the beliefs and attitudes of each respondent.


I’m assuming you know each person’s role and organization based on their LMS log-in, so you can skip straight to their job function in your questioning. This enables you to assign checklists that are more closely aligned with each person.


Set up your matrix to assign new courses based on responses but also further checklists that enable you to drill deeper into attitudes and beliefs. These answers guide each employee through your matrix.


The result will be employees with a better sense of how their work fits into the big picture. But you could also use the matrix to identify employees who need more face time with their managers.