Growth in A Sandbox

In our last post we introduced some details of what we are calling a social learning sandbox (SLS). It is just one application design driven by the underlying concept. It is intended to enhance employee attitudes, specifically their morale, desire for career advancement, and self-respect.

Why Now?

The learning ecosystem is moving from a focus on what’s needed today to a focus on what will be needed tomorrow. It is outgrowing its emphasis on employee performance and skills development to something more.


Social Learning Sandbox

“After observing children in a native [Indian] school, seated on the ground, and writing in the sand, he [Andrew Bell] set a boy, John Frisken, to teach the alphabet on the same principle.”

Be Prepared for Anything, With E-Learning

September is National Preparedness Month, which means it’s time to ramp up education on how to prepare for any and all types of emergencies. The very nature of emergency is that no one can possibly predict how or when they will occur. That’s why it is crucial that your organization is thoroughly educated on awareness, prevention, and mitigation strategies for all kinds of emergency scenarios.