Engage the Quiet Quitters

Developing employee engagement has never been more challenging. By now you’ve probably heard the term “quiet quitting.” Like any viral concept, its precise meaning is hard to pin down but it seems to be just another term for low employee engagement.


Manage Career Progression with AI

Safety training is a big part of the workload Circle LMS manages for our clients. And recently, we’ve been discussing integration with incident management systems, which are programs that help manage responses to lapses in safety.


Hottest Beveridge Ever!

The Beveridge curve is an economic statistic that tracks the relationship between the unemployment rate and the number of job vacancies. It was developed in 1958 and we just hit an all-time high.

How to Avoid Civil War in Your Company

Half of Americans recently surveyed believe that “in the next few years, there will be civil war in the United States.” 


How would a civil war affect your company? More important, how is this shocking belief affecting it now? And what can you do about it?