Adapting Your Business’s Training During COVID-19

Adapting Your Business’s Training During COVID-19

Education about health and safety is critical amidst the new reality of the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of your industry, your employees must be alert to new governmental regulations regarding workplace sanitation procedures and disease prevention practices. With recent developments in social distancing and shelter in place legislation, more and more businesses are being forced into temporary shutdown. Fortunately, our world is progressing further and further into digital reliance. Therefore, a shutdown of physical facilities does not mean a cease in operations. Today’s advanced technology enables us to stay connected, even if we cannot gather in person. The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated the absolute necessity of adaptability within businesses in order to maintain regular operations and continue to serve your customers in a constantly changing environment. The key to adapting your business and maintaining stability in a turbulent economy is a movement towards online training. Circle is here to help you transition your learning management processes to an online platform, deploy updated training content in line with current governmental regulations, and monitor your employees’ training and compliance statuses efficiently, ensuring that your organization will stay prepared and protected from environmental and financial harm.

Move Your Training Online

A rapidly changing social and economic environment can make it challenging to build business immunity. A shift towards the digital world is crucial in reducing your business’s risk during uncertain times. Online training is the first step towards taking your business online. Circle is equipped to handle hundreds of thousands of users and can help you take your business online, no matter how large or small it may be. Circle utilizes assignment intelligence to automatically assign relevant training to your employees and keep them up-to-date on constantly changing required training material, allowing you to rest assured that your employees are receiving the education that they need.

Retrain Employees for New Roles and Responsibilities

As new governmental regulations continue to emerge, retraining your employees is crucial. During this time, all businesses must revamp their safety procedures in order to ensure the health and safety of their employees and customers alike. Sanitation procedures must be more diligent than ever. Your employees must be thoroughly educated on the proper protocol for preventing the spread of disease and keeping your work environment clean and safe. Many employees may also need to take on entirely new roles and responsibilities with the changing of their work environments. No matter where your employees are or what their new roles may be, Circle has a solution for you. Circle enables you to seamlessly retrain your existing workforce to adapt to a changing environment without affecting your bottom line.

Stay On Top of New Compliance Regulations

During this time, maintaining compliance within your organization is more important than ever. Your employees must be extremely conscientious about staying up to date with the latest governmental regulations and requirements regarding health and safety. Circle automates the compliance management process, making it easy to keep track of compliance for any number of users. Circle enables you to deploy educational material on compliance standards, effectively evaluate your employees’ understanding, and generate reports for compliance status of individual employees and your organization as a whole. Circle automatically stores the data of compliant users and presents this data in real time.

Maintain Consistency on a Global Scale

Pandemic affects your employees, associates, and stakeholders all over the world. In organizations with large-scale operations, communication may become difficult, as compliance regulations vary greatly from country to country and are still changing frequently. Fortunately, Circle has a variety of multilingual tools that make it easy to communicate effectively to all members of your organization, no matter where they are. Circle enables you to deliver training courses, feedback, and emails in a wide variety of languages. Circle’s communication tools ensure that your organization will remain connected and consistent on a global scale.

Although the world is currently facing great uncertainty, it doesn’t mean your business’s future is uncertain. Circle is here to help your business prepare for whatever the future will bring, without missing a beat. Circle is eager to partner with your business to create a personalized solution and take your training program online. With ingenuity, education, and preparation, your business will survive in a time of crisis.